About Us

Funki Kitten was born to help that young babe find her inner funki self and enjoy being young and enjoys the adventure she finds herself on without the fear of being looked down on upon because she chooses to be brave and empowered by her style and look! 

Our styles are carefully selected by young mature adult ladies within Funki Kitten knowing what the current trends are - most of them are not repeats like other stores.. OMG! 

We talk your fashion!! 

Funki Kitten was born in California, under the hot summer sun knowing too well that some times even in the desert a girl needs something to ensure she looks Funki no matter the emergency! 

Who is our target audience unlike so many other stores we don't put a age on who should wear what! Your beautiful fearless and funki no matter your age. 

We are for the girls who want to stand out from the everyday crowd not being the random follower but the leader of her squad. 

We hope you enjoy this little beauty as much as we do, unleash your inner funki kitten let her be seen, dear to be different and unique and real.

F*ck the other bitches!